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PTB is the national metrology institute of the Federal Republic of Germany.

This database grants free access to a number of documents and factual datasets that were elaborated at PTB. This includes publications such as the "PTB-Mitteilungen", the metrological expert journal of PTB, and numerous of documents from the field of legal metrology.

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Progressing optical gas standard concepts (2021); Qu, Zhechao; Benoy, Thomas; Nwaboh, Javis; Werhahn, Olav; Ebert, Volker; DOI: 10.7795/610.20200122A
Laser spectrometric AMC detection - methods, uncertainties, metrological traceability (2021); Qu, Zhechao; Benoy, Thomas; Nwaboh, Javis; Werhahn, Olav; Ebert, Volker; DOI: 10.7795/610.20200122B
Progressing dTDLAS based HCl Optical Gas Standards - towards meeting type approval requirements of EN 15267 4 (2021); Qu, Zhechao; Werhahn, Olav; Ebert, Volker; DOI: 10.7795/610.20200122C
Kalibrierung von Druckmessgeräten : Richtlinie DKD-R 6-1, Revision 3 (2020); Mitglieder des Fachausschusses Druck und Vakuum des DKD; DOI: 10.7795/550.20201221
Additional data for the publication "Coherent Suppression of Tensor Frequency Shifts through Magnetic Field Rotation" (2020); Lange, Robert; Huntemann, Nils; Sanner, Christian; Shao, Hu; Lipphardt, Burghard; et al. DOI: 10.7795/710.20201222
Quantum Logic Spectroscopy of Highly Charged Ions (2020); Micke, Peter; DOI: 10.7795/110.20201222
Dataset for the publication "Coherent Excitation of the Highly Forbidden Electric Octupole Transition in 172Yb+" (2020); Fürst, Henning; Yeh, Chih-Han; Kalincev, Dimitri; Kulosa, André; Dreissen, Laura; et al. DOI: 10.7795/720.20201221
Ergebnisse zur DKDMitgliederbefragung 2017/2018 : Expertenbericht DKD-E 0-1 (2020); Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Braunschweig; DOI: 10.7795/550.20201211
Calibration of instruments and standards for roughness metrology, Calibration of standards with periodic profiles in horizontal direction by means of stylus instruments : Guideline DKD-R 4-2 Sheet 3 (2011); Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Braunschweig; DOI: 10.7795/550.20201215
Messunsicherheitsbeitrag bei der Quantisierung von Messwerten : Expertenbericht DKD-E 13-1 (2020); Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Braunschweig; DOI: 10.7795/550.20201012
A new approach to hearing assessment, A guidance document for researchers, calibration service providers and audiometric clinicians (2020); Barham, Richard; Sandermann-Olsen, Erling; Barrera-Figueroa, Salvador; Sadikoglu, Enver; Hof, Christian; et al. DOI: 10.7795/EMPIR.15HLT03.RE.20201020
Simulated simultaneous 18F-NaF PET/MR with physiological motion and ground truth information (2020); Mayer, Johannes; Kolbitsch, Christoph; DOI: 10.7795/710.20201113
Catalogue of unfiltered x-ray spectra from tungsten-, molybdenum-, and rhodium-anode-based x-ray tubes with generating voltages from 10kV to 50kV in steps of 1kV (2020); Ketelhut, Steffen; Büermann, Ludwig; DOI: 10.7795/720.20201118
PTB-Anforderungen 5.01 „Automatische Füllstandsmessgeräte für stationäre Lagerbehälter“. Ausgabe Juli 2020 (2020); Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB); DOI: 10.7795/510.20201022A
PTB-Anforderungen 5.02 „Lagerbehälter“. Ausgabe Juli 2020 (2020); Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB); DOI: 10.7795/510.20201022B