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PTB is the national metrology institute of the Federal Republic of Germany.

This database grants free access to a number of documents and factual datasets that were elaborated at PTB. This includes publications such as the "PTB-Mitteilungen", the metrological expert journal of PTB, and numerous of documents from the field of legal metrology.

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Validation of a calibration-free, high-temp dTDLAS-based humidity sensor by means of PTB humidity standards (2020); Bohlius, Henning; Biondo, Luigi; Bubser, Florian; Werhahn, Olav; Wagner, Steven; Ebert, Volker; DOI: 10.7795/810.20200122
Aus der metrologischen Welt 2019 (2020); Bauch, Andreas; Klein, Tobias; Piester, Dirk; Gutbrod, Martin; Sibold, Dieter; Klein, Tobias; Piester, Dirk; Schwartz, Roman; Ulbig, Peter; DOI: 10.7795/310.20190499
The spatial heterogeneity effects on dTDLAS-based CO sensor for industrial emission monitoring applications (2020); Qu, Zhechao; Werhahn, Olav; Ebert, Volker; DOI: 10.7795/810.20200114
Der Deutsche Kalibrierdienst (DKD): Eine Erfolgsgeschichte geht weiter (2019); Ulbig, Peter; Czaske, Martin; Ullrich, Joachim; Janssen, Ole; Simon, Jens; Frischmuth, Imke; Finke, Stephan; Kaiser, Ulrich; Kulessa, Beate; Stenner, Lioba; Ahrendt, Lars; Nicklich, Holger; Escher, Marcus; Schumann, Gerhard; DOI: 10.7795/310.20190399
Nationaler Ringvergleich Oberflächenbeschaffenheit: Bestimmung von Rauheitskenngrößen an Raunormalen und Tiefeneinstellnormalen : Vergleichsbericht DKD-V 4.2 (2019); Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB); DOI: 10.7795/550.20191205
Guards and Watchdogs in One-Way Synchronization with Delay-Related Authentication Mechanisms (2019); Langer, Martin; Teichel, Kristof; Heine, Kai; Sibold, Dieter; Bermbach, Rainer; DOI: 10.7795/EMPIR.17IND06.CA.20191126
Setup and Characterisation of Reference Current-to-Voltage Transformers for Wideband Current Transformers Calibration up to 2 kA (2019); Chen, Yeying; Mohns, Enrico; Badura, Henrik; Räther, Peter; Luiso, Mario; DOI: 10.7795/EMPIR.17IND06.CA.20191122
Mid-IR ICL based TDLAS spectrometer dedicated to monitor HCl concentration in combustion emissions (2019); Qu, Zhechao; Werhahn, Olav; Ebert, Volker; DOI: 10.7795/810.20191119A
Towards a TDLAS based optical gas standard for the absolute HCl measurements in flue gases from combustion process (2019); Qu, Zhechao; Werhahn, Olav; Ebert, Volker; DOI: 10.7795/810.20191119B
Towards a TDLAS based optical gas standard for the absolute HCl measurements in flue gases from combustion process (2019); Qu, Zhechao; Werhahn, Olav; Ebert, Volker; DOI: 10.7795/810.20191105
Fractional frequency ratio difference time series data sets (Optical frequency comb comparison) (2019); Benkler, Erik; Sterr, Uwe; Lipphardt, Burghard; Wilk, Rafal; Puppe, Thomas; Rohde, Felix; DOI: 10.7795/720.20191108
Zündtemperaturen in großen Behältern (2019); Brandes, Elisabeth; Hirsch, Werner; DOI: 10.7795/110.20191105A
Zündtemperaturen in anderen Oxidationsmitteln als Luft (2019); Brandes, Elisabeth; Hirsch, Werner; Stolz, Thomas; DOI: 10.7795/110.20191105B
Druckabhängigkeit der unteren Explosionsgrenze von Gasen und Dämpfen im Überdruckbereich (2019); Hirsch, Werner; Zakel, Sabine; DOI: 10.7795/110.20191105C
Industrial Standards in the Intermediate Pressure-to-Vacuum Range (2019); Sabuga, Wladimir; DOI: 10.7795/110.20191105D