Research Data

Dataset for the publication "Using a Tip Characterizer to Investigate Microprobe Silicon Tip Geometry Variation in Roughness Measurements" (2022); Xu, Min; Zhou, Ziqi; Ahbe, Thomas; Peiner, Erwin; Brand, Uwe; DOI: 10.7795/720.20220314
Dataset for the publication "A Ti/Pt/Co Multilayer Stack for Transfer Function Based Magnetic Force Microscopy Calibrations summary" (2022); Sakar, Baha; Sievers, Sibylle; Fernández Scarioni, Alexander; García-Sánchez, Felipe; Öztoprak, Ilker; et al. DOI: 10.7795/720.20220111
Microphone measurements in the vicinity of wind power plants: Results for the wind park in Gagel, Saxony Anhalt, Germany (2021); Rust, Marvin; Koch, Christian; DOI: 10.7795/720.20211130
Dataset for the publication "Investigating the Trackability of Silicon Microprobes in High-Speed Surface Measurements" (2021); Xu, Min; Li, Zhi; Fahrbach, Michael; Peiner, Erwin; Brand, Uwe; DOI: 10.7795/720.20211124
Dataset for the publication "Mode analysis for long, undamped cantilevers with added diamond tips of varying length for fast roughness measurements" (2021); Behle, Heinrich; Brand, Uwe; DOI: 10.7795/710.20211125
Additional data for the publication "Improved Limits for Violations of Local Position Invariance from Atomic Clock Comparisons" (2021); Lange, Richard; Huntemann, Nils; Rahm, Johannes M.; Sanner, Christian; Shao, Hu; et al. DOI: 10.7795/720.20211028
Additional data for the publication "The blackbody radiation shift in strontium lattice clocks revisited" (2021); Lisdat, Christian; Dörscher, Sören; Nosske, Ingo; Sterr, Uwe; DOI: 10.7795/720.20210928
Measurement and simulation data for "Identification of aliasing effects in measurements of unknown MTFs" (2021); Schake, Markus; Schulz, Michael; DOI: 10.7795/710.20210915
Dataset for the publication "Umfrage zum Forschungsdatenmanagement in der Physik" (2021); Israel, Holger; Tobschall, Esther; Tristram, Frank; DOI: 10.7795/730.20210511
Collection of spectra of direct photons recorded in ISO neutron fields (2021); Dombrowski, Harald; Nolte, Ralf; DOI: 10.7795/720.20210611
Measurement and simulation data for "Optical form measurement employing a tiltable line scanning low coherence interferometer for annular subaperture stitching interferometry" (2021); Schake, Markus; Riebeling, Jörg; Lehmann, Peter; Ehret, Gerd; DOI: 10.7795/710.20210414
Additional data for the publication "Optical frequency ratio of a 171Yb+ single-ion clock and a 87Sr lattice clock" (2021); Dörscher, Sören; Huntemann, Nils; Schwarz, Roman; Lange, Richard; Benkler, Erik; et al. DOI: 10.7795/720.20210126
Additional data for the publication "Coherent Suppression of Tensor Frequency Shifts through Magnetic Field Rotation" (2020); Lange, Robert; Huntemann, Nils; Sanner, Christian; Shao, Hu; Lipphardt, Burghard; et al. DOI: 10.7795/710.20201222
Dataset for the publication "Coherent Excitation of the Highly Forbidden Electric Octupole Transition in 172Yb+" (2020); Fürst, Henning; Yeh, Chih-Han; Kalincev, Dimitri; Kulosa, André; Dreissen, Laura; et al. DOI: 10.7795/720.20201221
Simulated simultaneous 18F-NaF PET/MR with physiological motion and ground truth information (2020); Mayer, Johannes; Kolbitsch, Christoph; DOI: 10.7795/710.20201113