Research Data

Dataset for the publication "Coherent Excitation of the Highly Forbidden Electric Octupole Transition in 172Yb+" (2020); Fürst, Henning; Yeh, Chih-Han; Kalincev, Dimitri; Kulosa, André; Dreissen, Laura; et al. DOI: 10.7795/720.20201221
Simulated simultaneous 18F-NaF PET/MR with physiological motion and ground truth information (2020); Mayer, Johannes; Kolbitsch, Christoph; DOI: 10.7795/710.20201113
Catalogue of unfiltered x-ray spectra from tungsten-, molybdenum-, and rhodium-anode-based x-ray tubes with generating voltages from 10kV to 50kV in steps of 1kV (2020); Ketelhut, Steffen; Büermann, Ludwig; DOI: 10.7795/720.20201118
Additional data for the publication ‘Simple and compact diode laser system stabilized to Doppler-broadened iodine-lines at 633 nm’ (2020); Krause, Florian; Benkler, Erik; Nölleke, Christian; Leisching, Patrick; Sterr, Uwe; DOI: 10.7795/720.20201111
Additional data for the publication "Long term measurement of the 87Sr clock frequency at the limit of primary Cs clocks" (2020); Schwarz, Roman; Dörscher, Sören; Al-Masoudi, Ali; Benkler, Erik; Legero, Thomas; et al. DOI: 10.7795/720.20201113
Modulation-based long-range interferometry as basis for an optical two-color temperature sensor [Dataset] (2020); Röse, Anni; Liu, Yang; Köchert, Paul; Prellinger, Günther; Manske, Eberhard; et al. DOI: 10.7795/720.20200803
Good Practice Guide on Making Rectangular Waveguide Connections at Frequencies above 100 GHz - Measurement data (2020); Kuhlmann, Karsten; Probst, Thorsten; DOI: 10.7795/720.20200625
Dataset for Combining Harmonic Laser Beams by Fiber Components for Refractivity–Compensating Two-Color Interferometry (2020); Liu, Yang; Röse, Anni; Prellinger, Günther; Köchert, Paul; Zhu, Jigui; et al. DOI: 10.7795/720.20200618
Round robin comparison on quantitative nanometer scale magnetic field measurements by magnetic force microscopy (2020); Hu, Xiukun; DOI: 10.7795/720.20200610
Long Slender Piezo-Resistive Silicon Microprobes for Fast Measurements of Roughness and Mechanical Properties inside Micro-Holes with Diameters below 100 µm (2020); Brand, Uwe; Xu, Min; Doering, Lutz; Langfahl-Klabes, Jannick; Behle, Heinrich; et al. DOI: 10.7795/720.20200515
Fractional frequency ratio difference time series data sets (Optical frequency comb comparison) (2019); Benkler, Erik; Sterr, Uwe; Lipphardt, Burghard; Wilk, Rafal; Puppe, Thomas; et al. DOI: 10.7795/720.20191108
Dataset for DC measurement of the dressed states in a coupled 100 GHz resonator system using single quasiparticle transistor as a sensitive microwave detector (2018); Lotkhov, Sergey; Khabipov, Marat; Dolata, Ralf; DOI: 10.7795/720.20190617
Datasets of high spatial resolution scans of the airborne ultrasound field of an ultrasonic welding machine either with or without an artificial head at a worker’s sedentary position (2019); Schöneweiß, Robert; Kling, Christoph; Koch, Christian; DOI: 10.7795/720.20190606
Dataset for the calibration of torque measurement under constant rotation in a wind turbine test bench (2017); Weidinger, Paula; Foyer, Gisa; Kock, Stefan; Gnauert, Jonas; Kumme, Rolf; DOI: 10.7795/720.20190411
Dataset for Dynamic characterization of multi-component sensors for force and moment (2018); Nitsche, Jan; Kumme, Rolf; Tutsch, Rainer; DOI: 10.7795/720.20181105