Title: Additions to guidelines DKD-R 5-1:2018, DKD-R 5-3:2018 and DKD-R-5-4:2018 General recommendations and recommendations on comparisons : Expert Report DKD-E 5-1
Authors: The members of the Technical Committee Temperature and Humidity of the DKD, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), ISNI: 0000 0001 2186 1887
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Keywords DKD Expert report ; recommendations ; DKD-E 5-1 ; DKD-R 5-1:2018 ; DKD-R 5-3:2018 ; DKD-R 5-4:2018 ; comparion measurements
Abstract: DKD expert reports aim to provide background information and references in connection with other DKD documents as, for example, the DKD guidelines. This expert report provides guidance to calibration laboratories on various topics in the field of thermodynamic measurands. Although these topics have already been discussed within DKD’s Technical Committee Temperature and Humidity as well as in the DKD Guidelines, binding regulations have not yet been established. Hence, this report aims to ensure adaptation to the international state of the art as well as a consistent approach to strengthen the competence of the accredited calibration laboratories. The following chapters provide supplementary information and recommendations regarding the calibration of resistance thermometers according to DKD-R 5-1, the calibration of thermocouples according to DKD-R 5-3 as well as the recalibration intervals of reference standards and the axial temperature distribution in block calibrators (DKD-R 5-4). Another essential point is the subject of comparison measurements. The report offers recommendation concerning the documentation of proficiency testing / comparison measurements presenting a result indicator by which the significance of comparison measurements can be uniformly assessed.
Citation: Expert report DKD-E 5-1