Title: Transport properties of fuels
Authors: Wolf, Henning, working group "Properties of Liquids", Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Braunschweig
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Dates: Available: 2015-06-26
Issued: 2015-04
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Keywords: fuels ; biofuels ; blends of biofuels and fossile fuels ; density ; viscosity ; thermal expansion coefficient ; temperature conversion
Abstract: In this study measurements of the density and viscosity of mixtures of biofuels and fossil fuels are discussed including their temperature dependence. The blends cover the fuels commercially available in Germany as well as in most parts of Europe.
Furthermore, to cover blends with larger percentage of biofuels which may become commercially available in future mixture series consisting of 0 % biofuel up to 100 % biofuel were prepared and measured. To gain a better understanding of the fundamental behaviour of the density and viscosity, additional measurements were carried out on pure alkanes and on the mixture series ethanol-hexane and ethanol-nonane.
The changes in density and viscosity were compared to the spread of data gained from a collection of samples demonstrating the regional variance of parameters of commercially available and nominal identical fuels in Germany.
Citation: WOLF, Henning. Transport properties of fuels. Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), 2015. doi: 10.7795/110.20150622W
Remark: This report is the online version of the PTB-Bericht PTB-Th-5en, ISSN 1614-9327, ISBN 978-3-95606-165-3, which should be available in printed form in July 2015. It is based on a 2014 edited, in 2015 corrected German version of the report, see doi: 10.7795/110.20150319K.